creative engineering

Practical work makes a good engineer. I love to corporate with people and have worked as technical consultant or co-founder for different start-up companies. I was mainly providing FEA support for structural problems, analysis-design-manufacture support for mechanism problems, as well as other practical engineering and strategy supports. Many details are not presented due to requirements from contract.



Travel Cot: Prototype Design and Manufacturing


I was involved in design and responsible for construction of different prototypes under supervision of Prof. Zhong You. Now this product, which is named as SpaceCot, is ready for customers, as shown in the video below.


Company website:



FEA of Folding Space Antenna Reflector


I helped to look into FEA of folding different sheets in similar way as folding umbrella. The corresponding applications are related to space antenna reflector.


Company website:


Current Project



New Folding Stretcher Trolley for Hospitals: Design, Prototypes, and Industial Manufacturing


Working with same group of people from SpaceCot, I am playing a leading role in R&D process on developing new folding stretcher trolley. Specifically, I am in charge of conceptual design, manufacturing of prototypes (independently), and fiting the design in the actual production line. In this progress, I get intermittent help from Prof. Zhong You.



Accessory of Mobilephone for Better Drop Resistance and Security


I am working with several other students in developing an accessory for mobilephones which can provide good drop resistance and security from thieves. I am identified as co-founder for the future company, and mainly responsible for mechanical part of R&D.


This project has won £1000 fund from Jesus Scholarships for Entrepreneurs, and third place prize from an entrepreneurs competition called "2016海外赤子北京行-英国赛区" which allows us to attend further competitions for funding opportunities.


Yang Li

DPhil Candidate

Department of Engineering Science

University of Oxford


Mobile: +44 (0)7478343695